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  • The continuous reform experienced by our complexes

    Keeping up-to-date on the facilities of a hotel is very important and at www.hoteles-losdragos.com/en we know it. In recent years we have not stopped renovating our hotels, always respecting our origins and making everything to the taste of our visitors, so that our guests always have the best comfort and find every time a fresh and modern environment.

    It is not only the facilities that improve in our hotels, but also our breakfast offer that has undergone a refinement in its selection of products, and just by seeing the opinions of our customers published online, we know that we are well on the way to Achieve excellence.

    It is also with great pride that, always observing the online published opinions, we can see how we happen to have the friendliest staff in our environment and this is something that our customers value enormously since the service we provide to our tourists, is something we take very seriously, because in Los Dragos hotels, what matters is the customer.

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  • La reforma continua que experimentan nuestro complejos.

    Mantenerse al día en las instalaciones de un hotel vacacional es algo muy importante y en www.hoteles-losdragos.com/es lo sabemos. En estos últimos años no hemos parado de reformar nuestra casa, siempre respetando nuestros orígenes y haciendo que todo quede al gusto de nuestros visitantes y para que nuestros huéspedes tengan siempre el mejor confort y encuentren un ambiente siempre fresco y moderno.

    Pero no son solo las instalaciones lo que mejora en nuestros hoteles, sino también nuestra oferta de desayuno que ha experimentado un perfeccionamiento en su selección de productos, y tan solo viendo las opiniones publicadas online de nuestros clientes, sabemos que estamos en el buen camino para lograr la excelencia de nuestros productos.

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  • Holidays that heal

    Many people prioritize in their vacations to recover the balance lost in their day to day life. According to a study, 1 in 2 tourists take advantage of the holidays to reflect and make better decisions, and the harmony of your body, mind and soul is worth more than any other experience.

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    The Canaries is a SPA (from the Latin Sanus Per Aquam) in the open air and also offers multitudes of possibilities of very economical circuits where you can relax in the best SPA of the Country. In Dragos Hotels we know it, and being a complex of apartments, we do not have a SPA, but the magical relaxed atmosphere that is in our facilities is wonderful and the environment not being too crowded also helps a lot. http://www.hoteles-losdragos.com/es/
    It is no coincidence that Tenerife and Los Gigantes in particular has served as an inspiration for many characters and poets who have stepped on their lands, and you can be the next to give back to your body the harmony that it needs. in Blog Be the first to comment!

Los Dragos del Sur

Playa La Arena is located 100 meters. With incomparable views of La Gomera

Our destinations

Discover our destinations!
Both have different styles and a range of services offerings, acivities and ways to enjoy the surroundings

Puerto de la Cruz

A city full of atmosphere and charming corners

Very central in the north of Tenerife, the city Puerto de la Cruz with its magnificent island-harmony, its unique atmosphere and its traditional festivals, invites everyone for a relaxing and unforgettable time.

With its breathtaking bays of volcanic sand, the complex of sea-swimming pools of Lago Martiánez, the botanic gardens, and the very popular Loro-Park, there is something for every taste, and visitors of Puerto de la Cruz should definitely take these spots into consideration when planning their holidays.

Cave exploration, volcano ways, constellation tours and wonderful trails, are just a few examples of the diverse range of sport and leisure time activities in Puerto de la Cruz and its surrounding areas.

Without doubt, Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most interesting and popular tourist destinations in Tenerife, as even famous people like Agatha Christie, William Wilde and The Beatles have once enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere of this city.

Puerto Santiago

Feel the sea

Situated at the southeast coast of Tenerife, Puerto de Santiago is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the southern part of the island. Its origin as a fishing village comes from its beautiful little fishing port, which today is an enchanting holiday destination in midst of a nature reserve.

Because of the excellent location of the city and the fact that this part of the island is the most lightest, every evening a breathtaking sunset can be watched. Moreover the city is not far from the island La Gomera, which increases its attractiveness for vacationists even more. Such an atmosphere and incomparable feeling of relaxation as here in Puerto Santiago, will be hard to find anywhere else.

Even other very popular tourist destinations as the cliffs of Los Gigantes and Playa de la Arena are very nearby. Los Gigantes offers a spectacular view on a breathtaking coastline which has an average height of 450 m, and Playa de la Arena is one of the most beautiful bays of Tenerife, and with its excellent water quality its the perfect spot for all those who love taking a bath in the clear blue sea.


Los Dragos Norte

Los Dragos del Norte, located in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Offers nature, beaches and entertainment for everyone.

Puerto de la Cruz

+034 922 387 111


Los Dragos Sur

Los Dragos del Sur in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife. Offers beaches and great views of Los Gigantes and La Gomera.

Santiago del Teide

+034 922 862 550