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Hoteles Los Dragos


Sharing our worldview is what drives us. There are many ways of doing things, and we are committed to providing the best hospitality and experiences while protecting the environment and our local ecosystem. This way we establish an emotional connection between our excellence, business and sustainability.

We are a small family business, and as such we treat our guests and environment like family by offering special personalised services.

We have reduced the use of paper in both of our establishments, and we now use electronic invoicing. The latest improvement to our reception is designed to capture a natural airflow to cool the space down without having to use air conditioning, thus reducing both energy and CO2 emissions. We have also learnt to make do without single-use plastics, and we separate our glass, cardboard, plastic and organic waste into their appropriate recycling containers.

Our lighting is completely LED-based, we keep an eye on our electricity and water consumption, all our electric appliances have an A+++ energy rating, we raise awareness among our clients about the importance of protecting the environment in the short and long term, and we are planning to install solar panels and implement more actions that will further improve our efficiency in the field of sustainability.

Hoteles Los Dragos
Hoteles Los Dragos

We have clear predefined task and we are slowly winning the war against plastic, applying an ever-increasing number of responsible consumption measures, investing in renewable energies, becoming fluent in the language of recycling…

We know we cannot save the world by ourselves, but ours is an important contribution that is growing day by day and we hope many more follow our suit and join these initiatives.

Are you a guest who is committed to protecting the environment and who takes these details and recommendations into consideration when choosing a hotel? We would like to know your opinion and any ideas you might have to help us improve our sustainable management.

Write us an email: sustainability@hoteles-losdragos.com

Hoteles Los Dragos