What to see in Tenerife

Discovering the thousands of typical sites in Tenerife is easy and fun. Our apartments are centrally located and provide the perfect starting point for exploring the island.

Natural pools next to the plaza in Puerto Santiago and Las Bajas

The quirky forms of the lava tongues when they hit the sea have created this pocket-sized bay sheltered from the waves. At low tide, this is an idyllic place with crystal-clear waters where you can take a dip surrounded by the stunning volcanic formations.

The pools lie on the coast of Puerto Santiago in Santiago del Teide, just behind the Barceló Hotel, and there are steps to make access easier. You can also enjoy a pleasant stroll along the shore, with spectacular views and sunsets.

Take extra care, though, when the waves are strong and the tide is high.

La Arena Beach

This beach is very popular among islanders and tourists alike. The peaceful surroundings and calm waves make it perfect for the whole family. What’s more, it has held the Blue Flag title for twenty-seven years now, which guarantees high quality services and excellent sea conditions.

It’s a real pleasure to swim in its gin-clear waters and enjoy a stroll along this beach located in Puerto Santiago (Santiago del Teide), where you’ll find numerous tourist properties and wonderful restaurants where you can savour typical Canarian dishes.

If you like scuba, this is a famous diving spot on the island. Many diving clubs choose this beach for outings because its seabed is spectacular.

Admiring the intense colours of the sunset, with the island of La Gomera on the horizon, is a must-do when you visit this beach.

Hamlet of Masca

The cute houses in the hamlet of Masca are all lined up along the mountain ridges. They take up almost every inch of inhabitable space, teetering on the edge of the abyss created by the island’s deepest ravines. The Cherfe lookout point (on the road from Santiago del Teide) commands fantastic views over the hamlet.

This has always been a precarious and remote place, which was only very recently supplied with electricity, and where the roads were barely more than dusty tracks up until not long ago. In fact, for years the only means of communication with the rest of the world was the trail of Camino de los Guanches, linking Masca to Santiago del Teide. But this remoteness is precisely what has helped it keep its old-world charm.

Despite its small size, the area boasts a collection of valuable treasures such as the House of Los Avinculados in the hamlet of Piedra and a tiny eighteenth-century church. It even has a museum and a craft centre that have been set up inside one of the houses.

The hamlet is one of Teno Country Park’s most charming attractions as it comprises all the elements that make traditional Canarian architecture so unmistakable: masonry and wood, conceptual simplicity and full integration into the surroundings.

The hamlet of Masca is an Asset of Cultural Interest, classed as a Historic Site. Your visit here can be extended to explore other hamlets in the area, such as El Palmar, Las Portelas and Teno Alto.

Tijoco, Taucho and Ifonche

The upper part of Adeje is well worth visiting to discover the lovely hamlets of Tijoco, Taucho and Ifonche, where traditional Canarian architecture takes pride of place. They stand at an altitude of roughly one thousand metres above sea level and their quaint little streets make for a delightful stroll.

Santiago del Teide

Santiago del Teide is a municipality in Tenerife located in the southwest of the island, which stretches from the coast of Puerto Santiago to the pine forests of Teide along an elevation gain of 1,000 metres. The stable year-round climate, stunning scenery and warm waters invite you to enjoy nature and the sea in Santiago del Teide. The upper part of the municipality showcases the contrast between the volcanic landscape and vineyards, almond groves and fig trees. The Chinyero Volcano, in the Chinyero Nature Reserve, was the scene of the last eruption in Tenerife, back in 1909.

Teide National Park

You really shouldn’t miss this wonderful National Park. You’ll get to admire landscapes that seem to be plucked from another planet. You’ll breathe in the pure air of the highest peak in Spain. And you’ll walk among volcanic lava, feeling tiny when you gaze at the impressive surroundings declared a World Heritage by UNESCO.

The Cliffs of Los Gigantes

The name Los Gigantes (meaning The Giants) needs no explanation. These huge cliffs in Santiago del Teide are part of Teno Country Park and tower up to six hundred metres high, plummeting straight down into the sea to create a sight that is dizzying to behold, even from below. At the foot of the cliffs, the ocean floors are some thirty metres deep and are home to a wealth of sea life, drawing in divers and deep-sea fishing fans.

Whale and dolphin watching

The warmth of the sun, the sea breeze and the sway of the waves make you feel totally relaxed. Suddenly, the boat stops, everybody pulls out their cameras and peers over the side of the boat with anticipation. You follow suit and soon realise that there are small distant specks breaching the surface, which take the shape of imposing sea creatures as they draw closer. The whales and dolphins swim freely and peacefully in the water with no specific direction, allowing you to share with them an unrivalled sensation: feeling free in the ocean.

Loro Parque

Leisure park located in Tenerife North.

Loro Parque has been named the Best Zoo in the world by TripAdvisor based on the experience of its visitors. It’s a magical place which offers a home to over ten thousand exotic and endangered animals, representing over five hundred species and subspecies from all over the planet. Its impressive facilities, a perfect recreation of their natural habitats, and over a million satisfied visitors every year, make Loro Parque the must-see of the Canary Islands.

Siam Park

Water park located in Tenerife South.

Siam Park has been named the best water park in the world for the fourth consecutive year according to TripAdvisor. With its fifteen spectacular attractions, its incredible beauty inspired by Thai culture and its luxuriant vegetation, it’s a real revolution among leisure parks.