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Hoteles Los Dragos

Dragos del Sur

Hoteles Los Dragos

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Flexible Offer with Upgrade to Sea View!
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Comfortable and minimalistic

The apartments, with different capacities, are fully equipped so you can enjoy a pleasant stay with views of the sea.

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Hoteles Los Dragos
Hoteles Los Dragos

Privileged location

Dragos del Sur is located in Puerto Santiago, at the beachfront, with excellent transport connections to all of the island’s main attractions.

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Hoteles Los Dragos

Gastronomy, leisure and relaxation

Dragos del Sur offers modern facilities to enjoy during your stay. You can relax in our swimming pool, enjoy the local cuisine in our chill-out tapas bar and stay fit in our gym.

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“We stayed last weekend at Aparthotel Dragos del Sur and we really liked it. Large and clean apartments with brand-new furniture. Fully equipped.”


Dear visitor;

To you who have stayed in our hotel, we wish you to be well and we send you from the distance that now temporarily separates us, a great warm embrace and full of strength. Because we are so grateful, because we couldn't be here without loyal customers like you. You could have chosen any other complex, but you gave us your trust and you have booked with us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

To you, who have traveled to our islands, but who still do not know us, we invite you to do so. Why Los Dragos Hotels? Because we are a family with two small hotels, equipped with fully equipped apartments with units from 45m to 60m, because our services are personalized, delicate and close, far from large capacity.

We want to tell you that, in these difficult times, we continue working with even more enthusiasm and responsibility in order to welcome you again soon, because we are convinced that this distancing will not last too long.

We have begun to reform and modernize many spaces. In addition to changing and re-equipping all the kitchens in the apartments. As you know, all our accommodation units have a fully equipped and independent kitchen, so now you can choose between having your own breakfast in your room or going to our buffet restaurant to continue tasting our wide variety of high-quality products that have always characterized us.

As we want to make you participate in our improvements, we will publish all our changes so that you can follow us and even participate in them.

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Hoteles Los Dragos