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Un día tranquilo en Puerto Santiago – Los Gigantes – Tenerife

By | 16 April, 2018 | 0 comments

Yesterday was a quiet day, like the majority of days in our hotel Dragos del Sur. The sun was shining, as almost always in Puerto Santiago. Marcos was lying on our chill out terrace next to the pool, thinking that probably that would be the most wonderful place in the world, at least for him, at that moment, it was.

Dragos del Sur 2016_07 detalle chill out_light

At Los Dragos hotels we do not expect our clients to stay at the hotel 24 hours a day. We offer comfort, an excellent breakfast and a very relaxed atmosphere and on the terrace of our pool you can enjoy a variety of tapas at a very good price, but we encourage our customers to discover our beautiful island, with a rental car or with the bus, or signing up for beautiful excursions.

In fact, Puerto Santiago is a perfect starting point to enjoy the sea and the mountains, which right behind us protects us and the views from our complex to the sea are unbeatable.

Ah! Marcos has returned from a trip and alone his face already tells us how relaxed he is and how interesting his day has become. Another quiet day in Puerto Santiago …………………

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