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Las vacaciones. Algo muy apreciado hoy en día.

By | 11 December, 2017 | 0 comments

Did you know that holidays are considered by the WTO (World Tourism Organization) as a staple? Yes sir, just like we have to eat every day, vacations are something we cannot do without. They help us to open our minds through new experiences, to see new places, to better understand other customs, to relax our bodies, to induce us to reflect better on our way of life, to bring us closer to our family, and a multitude of other things .

How do I choose the perfect place and hotel for me and my partner / family?


Dive in Tenerife

No need to go crazy, a clean, cozy place with friendly service and a very good breakfast is all you need, because during the day you really want to relax as much as possible, and possibly visit the surrounding areas, to live the Essence of the locals, learn the history and evolution of nature.
And who gives me so much on a simple vacation? Tenerife and Los Dragos hotels will surprise you. Best service with the right price. We do not say it; Social networks say it. The rest is in your hands. www.jhoteles-losdragos.com Book now

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