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8 senderos en Tenerife que terminan en la playa

By | 28 August, 2017 | 0 comments


Tenerife is an island full of natural landscapes and very captivating hikes. If you like walking, this island is your best friend. In the largest of the Canary Islands, there is a lot of hiking to do, but there are 8 paths that lead you directly to the beach, so that your walk ends with a prize. A rewarding dip in the Atlantic.


The best known and possibly the most visited, is the Masca hikel, a path that the whole world envies us. The trail of Antequera, near the capital and still very virgin. The trail of Montaña Pelada, between secret beaches and volcanoes. The Anaga Route, from summit to beach, from the forest to the sea, arriving just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Afur ravine, with a beautiful continuous flow of water. Rambla de Castro, an itiner-ary that will give you access to several secret beaches. The Route of the white tajinastes of Anaga to Roque Bermejo, on the east of the island, you can see from the lighthouse the Roque de Anaga. Malpais de la Ras-ca, where you will find puddles and small coves where you can refresh until you finish in Las Galletas and its beach. All those lead you to the coast.

8 senderos en Tenerife

If you want to know more about how to visit them, when you arrive at our hotel we can give you all the in-formation you need.


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