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Viajes que sanan

By | 16 January, 2017 | 0 comments

Many people prioritize in their vacations to recover the balance lost in their day to day life. According to a study, 1 in 2 tourists take advantage of the holidays to reflect and make better decisions, and the harmony of your body, mind and soul is worth more than any other experience.

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The Canaries is a SPA (from the Latin Sanus Per Aquam) in the open air and also offers multitudes of possibilities of  very economical  circuits where you can relax in the best SPA of the Country. In Dragos Hotels we know it, and  being a complex of apartments, we do not have a SPA, but  the magical  relaxed atmosphere  that is  in our facilities is wonderful and the environment not being too crowded  also helps a lot. https://www.hoteles-losdragos.com/es/

It is no coincidence that Tenerife and Los Gigantes in particular has served as an inspiration for many characters and poets who have stepped on their lands, and  you can be the next to give back to your body the harmony that it needs.

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