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¿Qué hacer en Tenerife? Desde luego el Teide tienes que verlo

By | 11 November, 2016 | 0 comments

Mount Teide (considered the highest mountain in Spain with 3,718 mt) has one of the best astronomical observatories in the world and from its heights you can admire a sky of charm even without a telescope.

The Canaries and Tenerife in particular is the place with less annual cloudiness and the information gathered from Teide’s Observatory is of global importance for astronomers.

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There are magnificent excursions that can take you to visit this volcano so imposing and yet so serene, but also with your own rental car you can appreciate places of charm and adventure, with your partner or with your family, something unique and certainly an unforgettable experience that will make your holiday a special one.

Here is an important link that can help you plan your next trip to Tenerife. https://www.volcanoteide.com/en

Mount Teide has also been an important filming place for movies like Planet of the Apes, the fury of the titans and other films set. On the island of Tenerife many more very famous movies have been shot and you know why? Come and find out by yourself.

Furthermore Tenerife offers everything for all ages. Sea, mountains, hiking, bicycles, shopping malls, world-famous theme parks, nature, nightlife, amazing walks, care and safety for tourists, and this 365 days a year.

Also visit this link to find all the information you may need. http://www.webtenerife.co.uk/what-to-do/?_ga=1.92210520.356040550.1427358371

Besides the weather in Tenerife / Canaries is unique in the world and having this island so close to you, (only 4 hours flight) are you going to miss it?

For what concerns us, we wait for you in Los Dragos Hotels, because we know how to pamper our guests.

For now, we already wish you a happy holiday in Tenerife, the island of eternal spring.

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