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La industria hotelera en España goza de su mejor momento

By | 18 September, 2016 | 0 comments

Dear reader, you’ve surely heard on more than one occasion that the Spanish hotel industry enjoys currently its best moment, largely due to the unfortunate events happening in other tourist destinations.

Surely this is true, but the question is: Is the Spanish hotel industry being able to use this to its advantage?

By advantage we do not mean to raise prices or to occupy more rooms, but to offer better quality and content to its visitors.

In Dragos hotels we have used this moment to refurbish our facilities and even the online reviews reflect this positively.

Our regular guests love our new apartments and those who visit us for the first time are delighted with our additional services and kindness. Are we the only ones?

Certainly not. In Tenerife there is a very modern and healthy hotel industry and you can find a high standard of service and offers of very good quality, but Dragos hotels two complexes gains much advantage over others.

What is our advantage? Very simple
Our complexes are not too big, but with all the comfort of its category, and all this in a tourist site with all kinds of services, breathtaking landscapes, and in an uncrowded position, giving our visitors the opportunity to feel very relaxed and quiet, while on vacation.

We would like you to visit us and encourage those who have done it to comment on this blog or our facebook, and let others know how good you can feel in Dragos Hotels, both north and south of the island of Tenerife.

Someone once said: The best way to achieve immortality is sharing knowledge. If you have had the opportunity to know us, share it with your friends. You will have shared something extraordinary.

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