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¿Será hoy un día como otro?

By | 18 August, 2016 | 0 comments

Days can be very exciting in a hotel because there is always people coming and going. There are people who come back and people who decide to stay longer and all this we call it “tram tram”.

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It’s almost 8 o’clock am and as every day, the day shift receptionist gives the change to the night shift and while they talk about things done and things to do, they greet at least 35-40 times with a good morning to customers who go through reception to our comfortable restaurant for breakfast. Customers take a sit, and while mommy waits at the table, daddy and the children go to the buffet to choose from our rich variety what they will have for breakfast.

The waitress approaches and greets with another good morning. Although our staff speak several languages, we say good morning in Spanish. Of course, the customer does not want to feel again in their own country when they wake up and we know it.

While our customers are relaxing at their well-deserved breakfast, the rest of our staff is coordinated so that all services are available, including cleaning of the apartment. A hotel is like a car where all its parts must work perfectly for the car to move safely. Well, from the very moment our clients get up and until they go back to bed, the entire hotel is at their service, including the staff who is often not perceived, such as the tecnical service, or the maids, professionals who contribute to the success of a holiday full of positive experiences.

So; Is every day the same in a hotel? The answer is NO. Every day is different and this makes customers always have different memories and we enjoy it as much as them, while we work hard to produce unforgettable moments, also well deserved, since our guests, also work all year round like us.

Throughout the day everyone takes their path and our reception is where every client can express their doubts, questions and have all the information they need about other services we offer to make their holiday more interesting and full of experiences, such as what is the best way to visit our Teide volcano, or the best way to live the Canarian typical village festivals and local folklore etc etc.
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The night by us does not arrive without living the best sunsets, which from our resort can be seen as if the sun was greeting us and inviting us to meet again the next day, where he will appear again, cause in the Canary Islands we have the best climate of the world.
Well, we let you go now so you can find the time to book your stay at our hotel, and once again we can show  that in Dragos hotels, what matters is the customer.

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