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El medioambiente es cosa de todos

By | 16 March, 2016 | 0 comments

Los Dragos Hotels is part of Ecovidrio network, driven by the Canary Islands Government, who has given us the glass recycling bins themselves. Apart from this, we are registered in Glasstarhotels (Canary Islands government driven program, which certifies the environmental responsibility of the hotel).

Garbage is carefully recycled, all the bulbs in our complex are low consumption and we are gradually changing all of them to LED technology.

Thanks to new technologies we have since a long time minimized paper consumption, and all paper used and no longer needed is cut into small pieces, to be used at the back office by our staff when they need to jot down something.

Our chefs when cooking, use containers suitable to the item they need to cook, reducing energy consumption.

All taps in our apartments are being changed for a new model that incorporates air to water leakage, thereby saving up to 80% water, without this changing our customer’s habits.

In our complex, through exposed information, we also try to advise our customers to contribute when it comes to environment caring.

We have always been committed to the environment and always will be. And with your help, together we can make our planet a nicer place, always considering that in Los Dragos Hotels, what counts is the customer.


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