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Para que las relaciones crezcan y maduren, hay que poner mucho cuidado en alimentarlas y desarrollarlas

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Juan had an uncomfortable night, he couldn’t sleep with all the thoughts and worries he had in his head. The night can be so honest that sometimes it even confuses the words that are in your mind. The night sleeps with you, its always there next to your body. And looking out of the window, Juan could see how the Moon fighting with the clouds to break through and be seen.


But Juan suddenly remembered the words of a friend who told him: Sometimes life is like a puzzle. There comes a moment where you can no longer find any matching piece and this is the unmistakeable signal that you need a break. If you’re clever enough to take this well-deserved rest, when you return to the puzzle you immediately find many pieces that matches with others. So Juan decided to have a look on the internet for a quiet place where he could take a break with his wife, somewhere nice, where price and quality would match like in a puzzle, renovated and affordable and he finally booked their stay in Apartments Dragos del Norte and surprised his wife. When he returned to bed, his thoughts had changed completely and in a few seconds, he fell asleep  like a child.


The day came where they both travelled to Tenerife to stay and relax in this lovely complex. The trip was great and on their arrival at the reception, they met Axel and Jana, a German couple. They didn’t speak German, and the German couple did not speak Spanish, but they were all there for the same reason. When at night they decided to have a drink, they met again this German couple and a simple greeting became a nice conversation about how they all spent the day although they had to explain it with hands and feet. The good humor became the main subject and since then, both couples are regularly in touch with emails, skype etc. Five years have passed, and Apartamentos Dragos del Norte has become the meeting point every year for these four people that, up until now, have decided to learn each others language, at least to be able to communicate better than with hands and feet.


We can only say that we are very proud of our job and feel very lucky to meet people such as Juan, his wife, Axel and Jana and continue to demonstrate that in hotels Dragos, what matters is the customer.

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